Experience Control™ of Your Software Distribution

Prism Deploy Packager Features and Benefits

Benefits of Control

Rapid ROI and Low TCO: Minimal training and infrastructure costs – no hidden costs

Increase IT and Operational Efficiency:  Software packaging cycle times reduce to hours or even minutes.

Unparallel Reliability:  Comprehensive conflict checking capabilities produce nearly 100 percent reliable software packages.

Quicker Installations:  Can install software on Windows systems up to five times faster than native installations.

Delivering Control

Secure, Internet-Based Administration:  Provides anytime access from any location with Internet access.

Flexible Architecture:  Enables integration into any environment, allowing you to extend your technology investments.

Easy Package Creation:  Simplifies and automates packaging large, complex software, such as office suites and CAD applications, with its built-in packaging wizard.

Installation Rules:  Target packages for deployment base on software versions and configuration traits.

Even More Control

Conflict Checker:  Eliminates software and configurations prior to rollout, increases efficiency and guarantees reliability.

Legacy Application Support:  Packages anything application you need to deploy across your network.

Permission Packaging:  Allows administrators to capture, edit and deploy NTFS file permissions in software packages.

Smart Variables: 
Create one package and customize for deployment in your mixed network environment.

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Customer Success

"Prism Deploy Packager is very clear and intuitive to use for the administrator and while simultaneously solving very complicated problems. Also compelling about Prism Deploy Packager is its stability and the good and prompt support, which is especially important for our training organization. The support functions to our fullest satisfaction." - Stefan Berger, WIFI