Green IT Roundup: November 24th - November 30th

In this week's Green IT Roundup GE is hoping to rebrand "green", technology is leading consumers to cut their energy consumption and the city of Minneapolis may begin requiring commercial buildings to publish their energy usage.

Smart energy technology gains a toehold in Minnesota

Utilities across the state of Minnesota are offering customers access to mobile apps and online portals to track their energy consumption, which is leading to cuts in energy usage.

Minneapolis may force commercial buildings to report energy use

A new proposed ordinance would require commercial buildings larger than 50,000 square feet to submit their energy usage to Energy Star leading to a public rating of their efficiency. 

GE’s industrial internet is really (mostly) about energy efficiency

GE is helping to rebrand "green", replacing it with "industrial internet".  In their new report, GE describes industrial internet as using technology for increased energy efficiency.

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