Green IT Roundup: August 20-24, 2012

This week’s Green IT Roundup includes: NYSE Euronext retains carbon-neutral status with Green IT, PNC to Open net-zero energy bank in 2013, Department of Veterans Affairs expects to save $3.5 million over the next five years with its new energy management system, and The U.S. Postal Service saves millions in energy cost by implementing a robust energy measurement system and practical steps. 

Green IT Keeps NYSE Euronext Carbon-Neutral
NYSE Euronext says it has retained carbon-neutral status in 2011, achieving the goal for the second consecutive year while remaining the only global exchange operator to do so.

PNC to Open Net-Zero Energy Bank in 2013
PNC Bank will open a net-zero energy branch in the first quarter of 2013.  The new Fort Lauderdale, Fla. branch of PNC Bank is expected to exceed LEED-Platinum certification and be the company’s most energy efficient, using 50 percent less energy than a typical branch. The 4,900-square-foot building will feature 211 solar PV panels and sensors that control dimmable light fixtures when natural sunlight increases. 

VA Installs Energy Management System, Expects $3.5m Over 5 Years
The Department of Veterans Affairs has installed an environmental management system (EMS) at its central office that it expects will save taxpayers $3.5 million over the next five years.

Postal Service Saves Millions in Energy Costs
The U.S. Postal Service reported it had reduced its total facility energy consumption by nearly 26 percent, or 8.6 trillion BTUs, since 2003. Robust energy measurement systems and practical steps, including actions such as the steps noted by the Go Green Forever Stamps, Adjust the Thermostat and Turn off Lights Not in Use, contributed to the reduction, which is about the same amount of energy used annually by 90,000 households.

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