IT Roundup October 18th - October 24th

In this week's IT Roundup we look at some big predictions for IT in the next 5 years, what you need to know about Windows 8 and all of its iterations and Microsoft's big push to move businesses away from XP.

Microsoft Urges Businesses to Move away from XP

With the release of Windows 8,  Microsoft is urging businesses to upgrade from XP and Vista. 

Green IT Roundup October 6th - October 12th

This week on the Green IT roundup we look at the growth of power demand in data centers even as energy costs rise, how new startups are using data and analytics to reduce home energy usage to offset the increasing costs of renting and a look at a slide-show of the "smartest cities" on the planet and how they have been affected by the economic slowdown.

Global census shows data center power demand grew 63% in 2012

Green IT Roundup September 31st - October 5th

This week's Green IT Roundup includes the announcement of the 2012 Cleantech list, AT&T expanding its use of Bloom Energy fuel cells and tips for SMBs to start with a Green IT strategy.

Global Cleantech 100 List Unveiled

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